Montavilla Sewing Center's 6th Annual Sewing Tech Party was a Big Success

Brett Moore, CEO of Montavilla Sewing Centers and his cousin George Moore present new software, sewing machines, sergers and embroidery machines for the coming year.

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New tech makes complex work much more approachable

Montavilla Sewing Center packed the house two times at four locations... Eight events back-to-back so deliver the good news of emerging technology in the sewing world.  I attended the morning session at the flagship Montavilla Sewing Center store on Stark Street in Southeast Portland - an excited crowd of experienced tailors and seamstresses filled the room.

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Many machines were set up and available for a live demonstration before the event officially started. We were shown in real-time how easy it is to choose patterns, make modifications, automatically align and resize and so many other features. These are not your great-grandmother's sewing and embroidery machines!

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I'm not an experienced tailor, but I've made a few projects with my entry-level sewing machine. I was incredibly impressed with the approachability and how easy many of the complex parts of sewing have been taken care of you with software and precision hardware.

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Montavilla Sewing Centers has taken great strides to provide an excellent online sales experience for their customers around the world.  Their website uses Craft Commerce as a backbone for managing products, inventory and shipping without the need for a complex ERP.  We are proud of the partnership we have between Brilliance and Montavilla Sewing Centers.

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