Why We Love Craft CMS

Here at Brilliance, we LOVE CraftCMS. Our clients love it as well.

Good Systems Bring Great Results

A content management system (CMS) allows you and your team to organize and edit website content through a simple, non-technical interface. A CMS shouldn't be in your way and it definitely shouldn't frustrate you or be clunky to work with.

Here at Brilliance, we LOVE CraftCMS. Our clients love it as well.

Sitting on top of the Yii framework, the included feature set can be molded and customized to your exact needs. Import content from your old Wordpress website or Drupal monstrosity, organize events in a calendar, drop pins on a map, or even, through the Craft Commerce extension, manage an online store.

Open Source

Craft is built using open source frameworks, which is by and large the best formula, because the greater web community can decide best practices, and while Craft isn't opinionated, we at Brilliance pride ourselves in following the latest and greatest ways to ensure the code we write for our clients is optimized and safe.

Craft vs Wordpress

Speaking of safety, we basically stopped recommending Wordpress to our clients the day we began our CraftCMS journey. As of writing this https://wpscan.com/statistics has detected 29,152 Wordpress vulnerabilities. How could we, as stewards of the web in good faith ever start out with something destined for a data leak?


Craft CMS has an advantage over all other content management systems in  SEO performance, such as page load times and site security. Instead of manipulating code that the system generates automatically, Craft CMS generates nothing, allowing us as developers to create rather than manipulate. The result is less bloat, faster load times, and less expense to clients for us to fix mistakes created by a CMS such as Drupal or Wordpress. Checkout our blog for helpful SEO tips relating to Craft CMS!

Local (for us)

Craft CMS is an Oregon based company, being a Craft CMS agency located in Portland, Oregon it gives us great comfort knowing that we can have a direct and working relationship with the team that owns and operates the system we're using to build awesome projects with!

Trusted by Reputable Brands

With Netflix, Moz, Duck Brand Duck Tape, Salesforce, PBS, The Associated Press and countless other brands running Craft websites, it’s a mature and competent content management system.

Why it Helps Your Business

When we boil this down to value for your business, CraftCMS offers a robust and feature-rich system with fewer maintenance costs, faster content publishing, and quicker onboarding of new people within your organization.

Drop us a line today at [email protected] and we'll let you know how we can set your business up for success on the web.

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